Sunday, July 3, 2011

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Playing in the Rain!

Operation Play in the Rain almost didn't happen! Madeline and daddy got all dressed to go outside and Madeline got scared. Daddy decided that maybe going out the front might be a little better since there is a lot of rain that comes off the back of the house. Madeline was much better out the front, but still HAD to hold daddy's hand!

Walking down the driveway. She was nervous at first!!!!

Madeline didn't really like when the rain got in her face!

Mommy was able to get some video!

We made Madeline come in after about 20 minutes for bed and she was NOT happy. After bath time she ran from window to window to see more of the rain. It is sad that she is almost 2 and has never really seen this much rain!

Fun Afternoon!

This morning mommy and daddy were talking about what we were going to do this afternoon. Madeline said she wanted a puppet show. Mommy was a little suprised since we went to a puppet show at the library this past week and we left after the first 5 minutes b/c she was so scared. But mommy and daddy decided that we would have a puppet show after naptime. Mommy went to the teacher supply store to see what kind of puppets they had. She got a puppet kit and a bunch of other fun stuff for Madeline to play with and make in the weeks to come. The kit said 3 and up...and mommy should have listened, but oh well, mommy made the puppets and Madeline played with the popsicle sticks. Then Madeline had fun playing with the googlie eyes. She was pretty good about not trying to put them in her mouth!

Here are the three puppets "Madeline" and mommy made!

Daddy was making a gumbo, but came and played with us for a little while. He is much better at making up stories than mommy is!

Madeline and mommy had fun playing hide and seek with the puppets! Madeline is really good at that game.

Madeline had eyes in the back of her head!!!! haha You can't really see them, but there were a set of googlie eyes caught in her hair. Then Madeline hid the puppets so well that we couldn't find them. Mommy is pretty sure she stuffed them under the sofa. So mommy got out another fun thing...magnets. It was a doll house with all kinds of pieces...mommy, daddy, boy, girl, cat, dog, TV, food, etc. Madeline played with this for a long time! One of the other things in the magnet house was a guitar. She told daddy about it and was trying to play the little he decided to go get his guitar. Madeline had fun with it and sang all kinds of songs! Later that night Madeline enjoyed some of daddy's gumbo. She is a true cajun girl...101 outside but still likes her gumbo!

We had a great afternoon in The Dartez House! Can't wait to do it again next Saturday!

Nap Time

For the last week Madeline has not been wanting to take a nap...and today was no difference. She screamed and threw all of her things outside her bed when mommy put her to bed. Mommy went in, calmed her down, and put all of her animals around her. She had her favorite, Hippo, laying on her that Maw Maw gave her and the zebra pillow pet too. Next to her was Rabbit...thanks to Aunt Jennifer. At her head she had the Easter Bunny that Gi gave her. And last but not least her first baby doll that Mrs. Jessica gave when she was born.


Yesterday daddy got off of work early since Monday is Independance Day. We decided to go swimming for a little while. Madeline was so excited b/c we had not been since Florida. She had a great time!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sticker Fun, D, E, and F Day!

Today Madeline got to play with stickers! We first put down the D, E, and F stickers and then time for the fun ones! She had some stickers that Gi gave her for Easter to play with first. Then she got to stick Princesses and Toy Story 3 characters all over!

Mommy found an airplane...

and train in her scrapbooking stuff!

Madeline thinking hard about where to put the next one!

Some of Madeline's artwork.

Madeline really enjoyed playing with the stickers and actually only tried to put them on the paper. Mommy was pleasantly surprised!


Ok so mommy and daddy will not be winning the "Best Parents Award" after this afternoon activity, but hey we all had fun doing it!

Yes, Madeline is dancing on the island in our kitchen...probably not the best idea!